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Hello Denise,

Lets just say you had my brother and I in tears today. It is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. If you only knew. I bought my dad a small (actually 2) versions of the vase that you put the arrangement in....those were the two things I wanted from his curio cabinet. It really means a lot to me .....thank you.

Hey and this is completely off topic....did you get my email about my school wanting to do a fundraiser with your big bundle for the next school year? So you are not getting rid of me!!
Stacy W - Lancaster, NY
I LOVE IT!!! My bouquet looks ten times better in person. Pictures never do anything justice. Thank you so much. I have been sitting here all day waiting for it!! I just showed up at about 3:00!
Stacy W - Lancaster, NY
Hey Denise,
I just got bouquet from FedEx. It was perfectly intact and gorgeous. Everyone here at work thinks you do beautiful work! My co-workers son is getting married in December and I recommended her to visit your site. Thanks so much
Mindy H - Palacios, TX



I just had to email and tell you how our fundraiser went. We raised over $950 for our baseball team in 4 hours???thanks in part to your roses! I gave our players a few roses each to start. It wasn't long before they were coming back asking for more. Within an hour, the roses were so popular, people were actually coming to the players ASKING for them! I guess word spread fast. Needless to say, I wish I would have had double the amount! The roses produced a good majority of the money we raised! We had other items left over but not one rose!

I really appreciate you allowing me to pick them up early Saturday???I apologize for all the confusion. You can count on us to call you again for future fundraisers. Good luck with your new shop! And...we have a golf tournament fundraiser on November 18. Will you give me some business cards or flyers to put in the goody bags for our golfers? I told everyone I met yesterday about your web site and future store. I wish I would have asked for your cards to give out with the roses this time. Next fundraiser (and we have several planned) we will definitely have your information on hand so people will know where to get these awesome flowers.
Sandi B - Cypress, TX
Hi Denise - thank you soooooooo much for the beautiful Wedding Bouquet!  My daughter was amazed at the beauty and workmanship, as I was also.  She was tickled pink with the boutineer (not sure how to spell it) that you made for her fiance, to match.
I am highly recommending, with pleasure, Woodya flowers, to anyone I come in contact with.  I can't wait till you open your store in December.  I will be coming by when you open.
Thanks again for your promptness in preparing my order.  It was greatly appreciated.
Judy K - Houston, TX

WOW! The flower arrangement is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

It matches my living room perfectly!! Thank you so much! I mean, seriously, it looks amazing. You are really good! I am going to buy a new table just to display it on in my living room. Amber and I both agree I don't already have anything that it would look good on, so I have to get something new.
Traci C- Houston, TX
Received the flowers last Thursday. They were beautiful.  The couple receiving them were so pleased. Lots of compliments.  Lovely shade of purple! Thanks so much!  We will be using you and recomending you in the future.  (I wish I had known about you last year before my Son's senior Prom.) 
Rebecca G - Wichita, KS

I just got the tracking information from you. I can't believe how fast my flowers have gone out!!! Thanks so much for the excellent customer service! I can't wait for them to get here!

AshleyRose - Highland Heights, KY
I love you! Wow, you're a lifesaver.  I've got to admit I very skeptical about ordering something I knew nothing about...but after receiving them, I'm so impressed! They match my silk flowers exactly and I just love the way they feel. Now, I wish I would have ordered more. Well, count on me to spread the word of your lovely flowers..Thanks again!
Suong - Pawtucket,RI

I wanted to tell you how much the flowers were loved. Mom called today and said they were lovely. My folks live in a condo in San Antonio so when they arrived my dad went down to get them.

When he opened it he thought they were real and promptly put them in water. She was still laughing about it.

She is a member of some Oprah club that submits new and innovative ideas for things like gifts and she is going to submit your stuff. I don't know if it will help or not but it cant hurt. Regards and Happy Mother's Day!

Dan P., Spring, TX

Denise - let me know if these are big enough, or I will send you the large files from home.

I loved my woodya flower bridal bouquet. The best two things about having them was I wasn't worried about staining my dress during my bridal portraits or wedding AND I get to proudly display the flowers in my home still! Everyone is amazed that they are not real, even when they are right up next to them! Everyone has to "touch" to believe. I'm so glad I got this bouquet!!!!

Thank you for delivering them to me in such a time crunch!!

I can give you pics from the wedding, but I don't have them yet...let me know if you want some of those....
Ana G., Houston, TX


I was just going to e-mail you!! I LOVE them!! they are perfect!! I told my friend about you and showed her my samples so she may be contacting you too!!! I'm going to be putting in an order here soon for mothers day! Thank you soo much for the 3 different greens the one is going to be perfect i think!! the kinda darker one that was closed! I'm so excited for this they are beautiful thank you for all your help I have been recommending you to EVERYONE!! Thanks again, Racheal 

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